Mikaela Bobiy

Mikaela Bobiy

PhD 2005, Concordia University
Faculty, Humanities Department, Dawson College
Montreal, Quebec

Mikaela Bobiy is a permanent faculty member of the Humanities Department at Dawson College, Montreal, where her courses focus on art, philosophy and most recently, horror film. Mikaela is a regular presenter with Montreal’s Monstrum Society and is active within the Montreal Underground Film Festival. Her most recent publications look at the intersections between psychoanalysis and art.

How are you applying your degree in Art History from Concordia and what do you value most from your Art History experience?

I teach within the Humanities department at Dawson College, a Montreal CEGEP. My courses deal with visual culture (aesthetics, propaganda, protest art) that draw on my learning experience with the Art History program at Concordia.

What I most value from my doctoral experience was its fostering of a community, the exchange of ideas, and its interdisciplinary approach. Also, having the opportunity to teach courses as a graduate student gave me an advantage when applying for academic positions.

I was part of the Art History Graduate Student Association and each year the association organized and hosted a graduate student conference. Not only was it a formative experience to present a paper at the conference and to meet peers from other programs and universities, but the organization of the conference itself was an incredible experience and one that has been immensely useful in my professional career.

What advice would you give to someone considering graduate studies in Art History?

I regularly recommend Concordia’s Art History program to my students at Dawson and would likewise highly recommend the graduate program. My advice to anyone considering graduate studies in Art History would be to research the available programs and pick one that provides a variety of courses. To that end, I would also recommend that students experiment with different courses. My research interests going into the program changed significantly once I was exposed to different methodologies and forms of art.