Hypothèses Session # 2

LECTURE – The second session of the season 21/22 of Hypotheses will take place on Wednesday November 10 at 5 :30 p.m room DS-R510 at UQAM.


Entitled “Le ça a été : the ambivalent relationship to the photograph” this session will feature talks by Florent Michaud (MA, UQAM) “Car j’ignore où tu fuis : les apports du flou photographique au « ça a été» barthien” and Fanny Bieth (PhD, UQAM) “On les fout par la fenêtre les psys de San Clemente!” La fin des asiles italiens vue par Raymond Depardon.” The session will be chaired by Christelle Proulx (UQAM).

Hypotheses is a bilingual lecture series by and for graduate students in the history of art, with the aim of stimulating and disseminating emerging research in the discipline. Each session provides a platform for two panelists for a conference of approximately 20 minutes each, followed by a period of questions and discussions mediated by a session chair.

Hypotheses hopes to spur debates beyond institutional markings, with the goal of providing a platform for discussion and reflection, while encouraging interactions between the academic world, the museum and the general public.

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