Jane Pickering (Université Harvard), « Facing Our Histories: Ethical Stewardship at the Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology », 27 octobre 2022, 11h30, Zoom

Le CELAT, l’IPAC, la Chaire CLE en muséologie et mise en public, l’UMR Capitales et patrimoines et la Chaire de recherche sur la gouvernance des musées et le droit de la culture organisent cet automne une série de quatre conférences en ligne sur le thème « Décoloniser les musées », sous la direction d’Yves Bergeron, Jean-François Gauvin, Habib Saidi et Laurier Turgeon. 

Conférence « Facing Our Histories: Ethical Stewardship at the Harvard Peabody Museum of Archaeology & Ethnology » par Jane Pickering (Université Harvard) – 27 octobre 2022, 11 h 30 (UTC-4)
« Anthropology museums must confront their role at the center of some of the most complex and challenging questions facing museums today. As European colonizers spread across the globe, their museums directly benefitted from collecting practices that alienated cultural heritage from their communities and promoted the view that their bodies and cultural items were repositories of data. Ethical stewardship of the collections requires the Peabody to confront these legacies that are embedded in how collections have been acquired, described, and used in exhibitions, teaching and research. The Museum must develop an institutional orientation toward transparent conversations with communities based in active listening, sharing authority, and commitment to collaboration. To begin to repair the harm caused and aim to provide space for healing and understanding, we need to approach communities with humility and privilege their wishes if we are to implement culturally responsive care and interpretation. »

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