Danielle Aimée Miles to present at MMFA

CONFÉRENCE – STILL QUESTIONING THE “IDEAL”: DISPLAYS OF CLASSICAL ANTIQUITIES IN WESTERN SURVEY MUSEUMS, Wednesday December 11 2019 – 17:30, Concordia University, Maxwell-Cummings Auditorium – 1379-A Sherbrooke Street West.

Theme : Arts of One World
Duration : 1h 30
In English
Lecture by Danielle Aimée Miles, graduate of Concordia University.

This presentation will explore the problematic relationship Survey Museums have to discourses of Western supremacy through the presentation of Mediterranean Archaeological collections as idealizations of a Western past. This lecture will examine art historical and archaeological discourses surrounding Mediterranean archaeology, the impact of its presentation as art or artifact, as well as the possibility of a critical curatorial methodology for the display of Mediterranean archaeology leaning heavily on Critical Museological theory as well as Institutional Critique artistic practice. 

Activity free of charge. Optional pass
Service charges apply (per pass)
General public: $5*
VIP: $4

*The lecture is free at the door the day of the event, but is $5 for an advance ticket.