CIÉCO / Galerie UQO : John Hogan « New Uses of Collections in Art Museums Partnership », 15 février 2023


In his presentation, John Hogan will discuss the past, present and future of the Sol LeWitt Wall Drawing Archive preserved by the Yale University Art Gallery. The traditional historic content and the ongoing contemporary digital structure as an archive will be presented. In the event of incomplete historical content, the possibility to fill the gaps by utilizing contemporary LeWitt wall drawings installations will be examined. The contemporary digital documentation produced makes it possible to constitute a postmortem archive nourished by current realizations of the wall drawings. John Hogan will also talk about systems and reference materials to maintain the integrity of LeWitt’s conceptual practice and methodology, as well as the materials utilized in the wall drawings prior and post his death in 2007. The presentation will consider the digital Catalogue Raisonné that updates past and future location-based installations of the works.

John Hogan holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Bachelors degree from Northeastern Illinois University. Since 2013, he is the Mary Jo and Ted Shen Installations Director and Archivist for Sol LeWitt Wall Drawings at the Yale University Art Gallery. From 1999 to today, he has been involved with the LeWitt Estate and is now acting, since 2010, as the Installation Studio Manager. He contributed to the catalog Sol LeWitt (2012) edited by Béatrice Gross and published by Centre Pompidou-Metz before editing Sol LeWitt : 17 wall drawings, 1970-2015 (2015) published by the Botín Foundation in Santander.