Docinter Lecture – Juli Zapata Rincón

LECTURE – Fifth talk of the Montreal’s Interuniversity PhD Program in Art History 2020-2021 Speaker Series, “What Art Histories for Present Times?” on April 8, 2021 at 5 pm on ZOOM.

Talk title: The Disruptive Museum. Non-normative Communities Speak Up

Juli Zapata Rincón has a master’s degree in Visual Arts from the National University of Colombia, Medellín. She is an assistant curator at the Museum of Antioquia and a lecturer at the Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano de Medellín (ITM). Her interests and research topics revolve around studies of gender and non-hetero / homo normative identities. From there she has built different artistic proposals and actions. She has accompanied various processes with diverse communities and populations in different projects that are part of the Museum 360 program of the Museum of Antioquia such as La Esquina, Vitrinas and Residencias Cundinamarca.

Discussant : Armando Perla (University of Montreal)

Talk in Spanish with consecutive translation to English and French.

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Meeting ID : 925 5308 9283
Password : 219722

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