Camilla Murgia (Université de Lausanne), “Building celebrity. Places, models and social representation in the Paris of the first Empire”, November 1st, 5pm, UQAM, R-4215 (in french)

This lecture will show how places, whether commercial (print stores for example, but also consumer goods such as pastries and other goods), cultural (the Louvre with its exhibitions) or entertainment (cafés such as Frascati, but also “iconic” places such as the Franconi’s institution) contribute in a growing way to the construction and popularization of a notion of celebrity. Not only these places contribute to a phenomenon of sociability, but they also become a reference point by proposing a notion of celebrity accessible to all. The celebrity is then made here by “substitution”, insofar as these places are coveted and guarantee, in the imagination of the public, a pledge of attention, to be known and noticed. In other words: to be fashionable.