CALL FOR PAPERS: Ampersand: An American Studies Journal, Winter 2023

CALL FOR PAPERS: Ampersand: An American Studies Journal, Winter 2023 

Breaking from the archive! Ampersand: An American Studies Journal  is currently seeking contributions for Vol 2, No. 1 “Against the Grain,” forthcoming February 2023. 

In the past, we have explored questions of objects/objectification and deconstructed space/environs. For this issue, “Against the Grain,” we are seeking work that moves against predominant or traditional knowledge, methods, and theories. In American History Now, scholar Kevin Gaines describes African American historiography as formed by “overlapping sites of production and silences,” influenced by the myriad cultural spaces in which scholarship is produced and often marginalized. We seek work across disciplines that reads “against the grain” by considering and filling these silences. Work that seeks to disrupt and unpack that which has been “ingrained” is encouraged. 

We welcome work that moves into the intangible and the ephemeral, especially through non-linguistic modes of analysis. This issue will pay special attention to submissions that emphasize silenced voices, and welcomes scholars of women’s history, Black studies, Indigenous studies, trans studies, queer studies, and post-colonial studies. 

We believe fields are moved forward and remain relevant by the contributions of the newest scholars; for this reason, our journal centers the work of graduate students and emerging scholars. Historical period, disciplinary approach, method, and topic remain open for contribution provided the work addresses the theme of “Against the Grain,” broadly construed. We welcome polemic statements, theoretical interventions, creative approaches (including podcasts and video essays), personal and/or photo essays, book or article reviews, methodological reflections, as well as traditional article-length texts of no more than 6500 words. 

Please submit an abstract of 250-350 words and CV at this link by November 1st, 2022. Selected contributors will be asked to send completed submissions by November 30th, 2022.

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