Call for doctoral students to advertise the program


Dear doctoral students,

Would you like to become one of the public faces of Docinter? 

This year, for the first time, our program is planning to launch an advertising campaign which will highlight the students of the program and ask them to complete the phrase “I chose Montreal” with a short slogan of about 6 to 10 words. 

For example: “I chose Montreal because the unparalleled access to three universities has broadened my research”.

We are looking for students to participate by having their picture taken and proposing catchy and meaningful phrases.

A committee of students and faculty will select up to 6 students and may offer each a $100 honorarium.  We will try to balance a number of different factors: demographic diversity, interesting slogan, student involvement in the program, and recent admissions. 

We hope you will consider participating!

Contact the new program director Louis Martin directly before August 27!

Thank you for your valuable collaboration!

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