Interested in studying with us? 

Please ensure that you:

  • Have an MA in Art History or training and experience recognized as equivalent by the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History committee.
    • Candidates without sufficient Art History training may be required to take additional courses or a preparatory year of study as recommended by the Graduate Program committee of their home institution or the Interuniversity committee.
  • Approach potential supervisors and begin to develop your academic relationship with someone who agrees to supervise you. Send them a draft of your preliminary research proposal and ask for their feedback.
  • Submit your application for admission to the university where your chosen thesis supervisor teaches. The application must include:
    • A preliminary research proposal signed approved by a faculty member who has agreed to act as supervisor
    • Two or three letters of recommendation (as stipulated by your home institution)
    • A letter of support from the prospective thesis supervisor
    • Transcripts of all university studies
    • A curriculum vitae including any publications and other scholarly and professional activities

For more information see: