9th Annual CUJAH Conference

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS – March 4, 2020, Jarislowsky Institute (EV 3.711), Concordia University, working in shifts between 10:30am – 7:00pm. Place Listening: Exploring Material Narratives aims to discuss the dynamic relationships between materiality, overlapping historical narratives, and involuntary memory to open a discourse for reconciliation. With a vast colonial history, material facets of everyday interactions in Turtle Island (Canada) can act as reminders and triggers of violent pasts. Power distribution are tied into notions of nationhood calling to mind the idea of a conditioned gaze that influence the way we move through space, and raises questions about the limitations of one’s mobility. By drawing on the concept of placemaking within contemporary landscapes, as topics concerning immigration and citizenship become more prominent today, participants will be encouraged to think critically about the various power structures that continue to be at play within the art world and explore ways to challenge these narratives of exclusion. 

More information here, or email us at conference.cujah@gmail.com