Artist talk : yasmine eid-sabbagh

On the digital repository of photographs in Burj al-Shamali and the Arab Image Foundation today.
The Research Chair in Curatorial Studies and Practices (Chaire de recherche en études et pratiques curatoriales de l’UQAM) is pleased to invite you to a talk by the artist yasmine eid-sabbagh on April 6, from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm, at l’UQAM (R-4150 in the Art History Department, Pavillon Sciences de la Gestion).

She will discuss the influence of her artistic process on her role within the Arab Image Foundation, and consequently, on the curatorial practices of the foundation.

The Arab Image Foundation was created twenty-five years ago, and its institutional practice has evolved ever since. The negotiation process around the digital repository assembled with inhabitants of Burj al-Shamali, a Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon, where yasmine eid-sabbagh began working in 2001 and lived permanently between 2006 and 2011, has been ongoing for nearly fifteen years, in the proximity of the Arab Image Foundation. During her intervention yasmine eid-sabbagh will try to elaborate on how artistic practice and research shapes the structure and practice of institutions that care for these very practices. She will also address the complex undertaking of preserving and caring for photographs without reproducing divers forms of discrimination.
yasmine eid-sabbagh :In her practice yasmine eid-sabbagh explores potentials of human agency by engaging in experimental, collective work processes. These include (counter-)archiving practices such as the negotiation around a potential digital archive (re)assembled in collaboration with inhabitants of Burj al-Shamali, a Palestinian refugee camp near Tyr, Lebanon, and radical pedagogical projects such as Ses Milanes-créixer a la natura, a self-organized forest kindergarten in Bunyola, Spain, using nature as its main infrastructure. Photography often acts as a medium for her to communally investigate notions of collectivity, power, and endurance ; for example, in her engagement as a member of the Arab Image Foundation, a practitioner-led archival institution, and as a focus in her PhD in Art Theory and Cultural Studies from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (2018).

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Hosted by Hend Ben Salah, Phd student in Art History and member of the Research Chair in curatorial studies and practices, with the support of the Interuniversity PhD Program in Art History and the Art history department, UQAM